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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about."

-- Benjamin Franklin


  • CREATIVITY: All great stories need someone with expert skills to bring them to life. Howard Ruben is an experienced, award-winning editor. The most interesting stories are the ones we have all lived. We’ll help you tell them in the most compelling way.
  • CLIENT RELATIONS: When you retain Howard Ruben PR, you’ve hired Howard Ruben. We don’t pass you off to junior account executives, regardless of the size or scope of your business. We become part of your company and culture. A great business relationship is about the chemistry and follow-through on promises we make to you before starting any campaign.
  • MEDIA RELATIONS: We didn’t start an agency without understanding the media and how it works. Our roots are in the editorial world, having been editors before we created the firm. Our media connections perform the type of work we did as journalists. We understand story development and deadlines, and pay attention to what editors, producers and bloggers are looking for.
  • RESULTS DRIVEN: Editorial results can be measured in terms of readers, viewers and general exposure. A good measuring stick is what that coverage would cost if the client created and paid for an advertisement in that same amount of space.
  • JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY: We tell good stories based on facts, not fiction. There’s nothing an editor dislikes more than a publicist feeding them misinformation about their client. Our backgrounds allow us to readily identify the key ingredients that make your story unique. We don’t embellish facts, we highlight them! 
  • ADVANCED STORYTELLING:  We don't just write a press release and hope someone will pick it up. We carefully craft a message that, based on our experience as journalists, will peak the interest of the media. We get to know the writers and what they write about by spending the time necessary to understand their world and their work.
  • OUR PASSION: We love what we do!

Howard Ruben Communications Specialist

Storytelling at its best

Who do you trust to tell your story? A firm with little knowledge of how the press really works? Or a streamlined, highly effective agency created by journalistswho understand what piques the interest of media, and how to craft compelling stories that resonate and produce results? We're a full-service agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Our unique blend of expertise in journalism, public relations, social media marketing and brand building spans more than 20 years. Over 400 clients and companies have been the recipients of extraordinary media results. Our domestic and international clients, big and small, established and start-up - come from the worlds of fashion, sports, fitness, music, nonprofit, hospitality, food, and lifestyle. You have a great story - let's tell the world! 

Goldwin Ski Collection -Worn by Sweden's National Ski Team

  Sunny Band featured on CBS

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Award-Winning Public Relations Specialist

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HOWARD RUBEN Public Relations is a top Los Angeles, CA public relations firm on


Never underestimate the power of communication

Created by journalists and based in Los Angeles, HOWARD RUBEN PR is a forward-thinking, full-service public relations and social media marketing agency specializing in fashion, sports, music, film, nonprofit, and editorial accounts. In business since 1991, we're experts at building brands through media relations, product placement, social media marketing, and strategic planning. We pride ourselves on client relations, true customer service and a personal attention to detail.

Howard Ruben clients and stories have been featured across all print, broadcast and digital platforms, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, WWD, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Bleacher Report, Huffington Post, Yahoo, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, InStyle, Forbes, GQ, Redbook, People, and more.

In today's world of instant access and 24-hour news cycles, it pays to have an agency that intimately understands the world of editorial print, broadcast and online media. We combine journalistic integrity with a flair for the dramatic. It's proven to be a winning formula for over 20 years. Global in scope, with a personal attention to detail, HOWARD RUBEN PR is a national agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York.