C3fit in Glamour- Summer 2014
Cures for the Common Workout Leggings (Get Ready to Own the Gym This Summer)By Marissa Gold July 15, 2014

If you don't own at least one pair of amazingly fun, flattering workout pants, now's the time to grab one.  Fun patterns and textures can be even more slimming than basic black (we promise!), and they're guaranteed to be 100 times more exciting. Get ready for some compliments:

The Performance tight in camo is available in either navy (dark = safe) or white (you go, girl). This brand engineers its clothing for runners, so you can expect serious compression (which, frankly, is a plus for anyone who isn't a fan of jiggling).

Best for a run: C3fit


Maná is getting into the clothing business and you better get your wallets ready. We spoke to the band about their new clothing line, Ritos del Sol and the why they decided to have a portion of the proceeds go to their foundation Selva Negra. Check out what they had to say below:

Where did the name Ritos Del Sol come from?

Alex Gonzalez: Ritos Del Sol came from many names that we had on the list. We wanted something that sounded very Latin and Mexican and at the same time would have a lot of character and power. After seeing all these different names, we, the band, discussed it and all four of us agreed that Ritos Del Sol was the name to go. We love it, which is rituals of the sun.

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December 22, 2014

CBS New York:

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide

Sunny Band


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Sunny Band keeps your head warm and your disposition bright.

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Sunny Band in USA Today

It's Derby time! But, what are you gonna wear? We can help with that...

By Arienne Thompson May 1, 2015

OK, no one is saying you need to look like Johnny Weir this weekend as you watch the Kentucky Derby. But, what we are saying is that you should at least attempt to look the part of a stylish southern belle, y’all. So, we’ve asked Loverly founder and CEO Kellee Khalil to provide style tips on how to dress for the Derby without slipping into a seersucker coma.

Headgear: Channel your inner duchess

Whether you choose a huge hat or an eye-popping fascinator, you’re gonna need something on your head. And, since everyone else will be doing it, you won’t look silly at all. “The bigger, the better,” Khalil says. “It’s something you’d only wear this time of year.” This isn’t your basic wide-brimmed beach hat though. “It’s not straw hats, it’s big, structured and fun.”

Pink fascinator, $30 at SunnyBand.com
Caning bucket hat, $98 at KateSpade.com


C3fit highlighted in Running Insight magazine - May 2015: "Compression Evolution"

November 15, 2014


It's the color of kings, queens and a certain pop star with unusual sunglasses. Purple won't be defined by just one shade; it will whisper in lavender, tease in grape, get serious in eggplant or smack you upside the head in fuchsia. Whatever your mood, you can find a purple hue to fit it.

Purple ear warmer

Your ears will never be more stylishly warm than in this dazzling purple ear warmer from Sunny Band. $35, by appointment at 223 Morris St., Hendersonville, or order online. www.sunnyband.com; 765-914-0625