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A true measuring stick for assessing the worth of a PR agency is to ask clients and the media to share their experiences in working with you. Was the experience with Howard Ruben PR all you thought it would be? Did we do what we promised and in a professional manner? Most importantly, for clients, did the agency creatively tell your story in a way that compelled the media and your customers to take action?


What Colleagues and Clients say about Howard Ruben PR

"Howard Ruben PR has done everything we've asked of them and more. His team was able to identify the unique stories that make Goldwin and C3fit special, and to communicate them to the media in such a way that really helped create interest and build the brands. Above all, Howard's boutique agency is always responsive to our needs. If you are looking for an agency that delivers on its promise to effectively promote your brand with integrity, then you'll be wise to consider HRPR."  -- Shuzo Nojima, CEO Goldwin America 

"Howard is an exceptionally hands-on publicist who chooses his clients with care and oversees their publicity in the highest professional manner, thanks to decades of experience. His relations with journalists (print and broadcast) are superb, as he does not do mass mailings or flood their In Boxes with inappropriate releases. He targets them with care, and gets results. I have known Howard for more than three decades, both as a colleague (we were newspaper reporters together) and on the receiving end of his releases and invitations to press events. Howard is a personable guy with integrity, a man who cares about the people he works with, and who does right by them." -- Mark Orwoll, International Editor, Travel + Leisure

"I have known and worked with Howard Ruben for many years. I can honestly say that Howard, as both a publicist and journalist, exemplifies the best qualities in terms of honesty and follow-through. He's a top-notch writer and communicator and is able to uncover the stories about his clients that make for great editorial copy." -- Rob Golum, Business Editor

"I've had the pleasure and distinction of collaborating with Howard Ruben on several projects related to my work in the feature film and music industry. Howard brings a broad knowledge and contact base to every project he takes on. While the skill sets of many entertainment-related PR people are limited by their focus on "traditional" entertainment, Howard's experience in other categories (fashion, retail, etc) gives him a perspective critical in PR today, where brand messaging must be effectively communicated via a multitude of platforms across multiple consumer segments. Howard is, at his core, a storyteller. He creates brand narratives. He's a classically trained journalist, and he approaches every initiative from the POV of identifying, constructing and delivering a compelling narrative. He's passionate, always curious, and definitely someone worth contacting should you be in need of a progressive and astute PR strategist."   -- Steven Okin, Partner at Critical Thinking LLC 

"Howard is very analytical and a great problem solver. His communication skills are exceptional and he’ll always tell it the way it is. His agency successfully helped turn a murky situation I inherited as CEO of Generra Sportswear into a bonafide success story by accentuating the positive, key stories behind a well-known, well-liked consumer apparel brand. I’d hire him again in a New York minute and highly recommend his agency to anyone or any company looking to elevate their awareness level and tell their story to the world."  -- Alan Bobin, Founder of The Bobin Group